About our agency

A short journey about us

A team full dedicated professionals standing 24/7

We started with a simple philosophy, making marketing and webdevelopment  accessible to everyone whether you have an long nested roots in your company as grocery store or you are an startup spreading your wings. 

We started offering our services with an clear goal and path instead of vague promises that our competitors were offering customers. 

Pretty soon the word got out and more customers followed suit, and the rest is as they say… history…

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    Jan, 2011
    Foundation of the Company

    Our journey starts in a small coffee shop in London. The Internet is booming and the City is growing fast but small business are behind and the gap between marketing and small businesses grows.
    There has to be another way, MKB WebDesk is born

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    May, 2013
    Unraveled growth

    The last 2 years has been a rollercoaster for the founders and more jobs pour in and the team grows stronger and bigger

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    May, 2014
    Beyond borders!

    Our work has attracted team members around the world and the network of professionals and services are expanded to include Publications and App Development

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    May, 2015
    Hello Amsterdam

    Our offices in Amsterdam opens and we grab our first Heineken on The Dam with our new colleagues and expand our offices overseas  

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    Dec, 2017
    Extending Support

    We started providing more extensive packages which include full hosting and marketing services taking away our customers worries so they can focus on what they do best 

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    Jul, 2019
    Next step

    After conquering London and Amsterdam helping small businesses grow exponentially we have set our eyes on New York and Dubai with 2 new offices in sight we try to give all our customers the same level of support and dedicated they are used from us. 

Excellent Support
We are available 24/7, we have team members who are ready to help you whenever you run into a problem
Awesome Team
Our team consists of experts from various fields such as Publications, Marketing, Full Stack Developer, Graphic Designer and many more!
Faster Performance
With an all in house solution we responds 120% faster to requests than our competitors and give customers the benefit of this down to the invoice

Our Vision

Our business is your business growth, the only way we can grow is by making you grow. This philosophy has enabled us to grow alongside our customers for the last 10 years

Meet our team

Arie van Wessel
Arie van Wessel

Graphic Designer

Enrique Samuvel
Enrique Samuvel

Content Manager

Henk Korfen
Henk Korfen

Team Manager

Michael Darlington
Michael Darlington

Team Manager

Roel Veenstra
Roel Veenstra

Full Stack Developer

Nathan White
Nathan White

Public Relations Manager

Ahmad Hussain
Ahmad Hussain