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We keep you online 24/7so you can focus on your business

The hosting services are exclusively available for MKB Webdesk customers. We offer this extra service to all our customers that want one central location for all their online activities to increase security and efficiency.

The type and the location of your hosting is of great influence on your SEO ranking. We can maximize your SEO by outsourcing your hosting needs to us.

Our hosting packages are available for just 8,95 per month. We can also arrange your own virtual private servers for 30,- per month and the option to implement an SSL certificate.

One Central Location
Competitive pricing
SEO Optimized
Fully Protected

What is included ?

  • 5 GB mail- en webspace
  • Unlimited data
  • PureSSD hard drives
  • Maximum 30 websites per server
  • IP reputation check
  • Geo Located Servers
  • IP6 ready
  • Malware and Virus Protection
  • Daily backups
  • SSL Integration

Additional Services

Our Free Services:

  • We will arrange your DNS settings and update your WHOIS records
  • If you are hosted elsewhere, we will adjust the name servers for you
  • For each domain we will activate the DNSSEC protection
  • If you have hosted your domain elsewhere, we can 

Our Paid Services:

  • Migration between hostingproviders
  • SSL Certificates
  • Managed Servers
  • CDN Network

Find out how we can save you money and time

An stable host is essential to the image and security

With an global network of service providers we make sure stay safe and online 24/7

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