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Linkbuilding is crucial to the success of your website. We cannot stress this enough to starting and established companies. Think of your website as an store being build,this store is beautifully decorated and full of items. However it is built middle of the desert and no highways connecting to it.

So even though your store is beautiful and SEO friendly, with no highways leading towards your store, there is no way anyone would find their way to your store.

This is where linkbuilding comes to place, we will go out there and start building those digital highways to your shop so people will start visiting your store and google likes that very much and in turn will reward you by ranking you higher. But keep in mind not all highways are equal and the rule here really applies…. Quality above quantity because Google is also merciless when it comes to spamming! Linkbuilding takes time, effort and dedication and like an real highway, it has to be maintained to keep those rankings up.

Each backlink created for you will be relevant to your business making sure relevant customers visit your website. Do not fall for sales talk of quick solution to get you ranked quickly. Stay safe from a Google ban
Content is king
Your website has to have something to offer for others to link to you, if you run a webshop or a small business this can be difficult because your activities are static. We can create content for you on a regular base and reach out to our influencers to create a snowball effect.
The truth is some websites that connect to you go offline or change ownership. It is our duty to make sure each link is live and active and replaced with other relevant links. We will search the web and find out which ones are dead and remove them as google likes the helping hand of removing dead links but at the same time updating it with new live links.

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