Staying updated

Staying ahead of your competitors

Once your website is live it needs to be updated from time to time to secure the integrity of your website and data. Other reasons your website needs to be updated is because some information is outdated or new information has to be posted or maybe you just want to add features to your current website like a webshop or paid membership.

At MKB Webdesk we make sure your website is always updated and responsive on all devices, our expertise allows us to help over 500+ websites. Most of our customers come to us with an broken website due to a bad experience with an agency. 

So if you are stuck with an badly designed/maintained website and you want to maximize your online potential, contact us and we will make you smile.

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Repair Service


When opting to do the maintenance of your website we always advice you the best course of action and your options. We understand the expertise that comes with keeping your website safe and updated against hackers.

Last year alone over 200+ business owners have come to us due to security and update related issues with their website. Security is an priority which you cannot afford to neglect.