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When it comes to online trading you need a solid understanding of the dynamic but everchanging flow of potential customer. E-commerce has come along way.

E-commerce is has become more interactive than ever, more demanding than before and it keeps expanding. As the distance between continents become smaller your customer is no longer just around the corner but globally.

Our team has several highly experienced E-commerce engineers who will make your business boom whether you have a simple hobby shop or an aspiring brand with a artistic vision on how your brand is translated onto your online webshop presence. 

We offer several options to our customers depending on their needs and budget. We will create a stunning SEO and user friendly webshop for your needs within a workable budget.

MKB Webdesk offers companies with specific needs custom tailored webshops. Our programmers can tackle the toughest jobs in the industry, helping our customers grow every day.
For our customers who have a large and complex inventory we make use of the Magento platforn which is versatile and scalable meaning you will never need to worry about expanding.
Wordpress E-Commerce
Most of our customers opt for this option because of its ease of use, low setup costs and scalability up to 1000 products. Best option if you want to have a one-off cost instead of a monthly subscription of a E-commerce software elsewhere

Webshop Options

  • Easy CMS for product managment
  • Integrated postcode lookup
  • Payment gateways like CC, Paypal, Bitcoin
  • Regular backups
  • Sign employees
  • Marketing support
  • SEO Friendly
  • SSL certificates 
  • Social Media integration
  • Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress  integration

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