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Your online visibility starts with your website and it doesn't need to break the bank to get it done properly. The mistake most people make is outsourcing their website to abroad with no direct chain of communication. They end up overpaying and get stuck with a broken website, in a last effort to save it they resort to overpriced agencies who again over charge them leaving a big hole in your wallet and company reputation.

The main difference between MKB Webdesk and the competitors is that we have all the knowledge in-house which allows fast switching, fully integrated process where everyone is on the same page from the coder to our marketing specialists and designers.

Our business is your business, working  faster and more efficient means we can charge competitive prices which means your ROI will be much quicker than before.

MKB Webdesk offers companies with specific needs custom tailored websites and services. Our programmers can tackle the toughest jobs in the industry, helping our customers grow every day.
Far out most of our customer opt for the versatile platform of Wordpress to publish their company on. Our extensive experience with the Wordpress ecosystem allows us to maximize the true potential.
After we have finished the work on your website you can make use of our hosting services which you can fully use even if you are hosted elsewhere. We make sure your website is not only secure but SEO friendly and always online

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